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[IP] GI Diet (was: No Mashed Potatoes???)

 Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 20:51:24 EST
Subject: Re: [IP] Re: No Mashed Potatoes???
guess it is a way of taking into account the GI when dosing more than
bringing GI up or down.  A carb is not a carb is not a carb, for us and our
dosing scheme.  I don't want to repeat threads that have been covered here,
but we do not dose 15 grams of carb from an apple like 15 grams of carb from
mashed potatoes.  GI of apple is only .38 and mashed potato, as you noted,
GI of .88.  For us, the total grams of glucose in the meal is determined by
how the GI and amount of carb is weighted and we dose the total grams of
glucose instead of the total carbs.

Just another way of looking at the matter.  If you eat mashed potatoes and
bread and a slice of pie, you might end up with the same total carbs as
another meal that had pasta, fruit and vegetables (total carb value of the
two meals could be made equvialent), but for us, the dose would be

Just our way of doing it.

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Yes I see what you mean, i guess the second meal plan would work better at
keeping sugar levels even over time ..  Are good results achieved through
your diet and management?

Type 1, 11 years
Pumper, 9 months
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