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RE: [IP] problems w/ highs

I will tell you this.  You may have been in the "honeymoon" phase of your D
until now.  I experienced about 2 yrs of decent bg on diet only, then oral
meds, then insulin.  It just got progressively more difficult to control.  My
islet cells were just in the process of dying when I was dxed.

I also wonder if hormones are giving you problems.  I know that during my PMS
week, my bg are absolutely the pits.  I stay at 300 and then drop to 51 in one
hour.  Then I rebound to 280.  (Yesterday I did this 3 times.)  I just know
that hormones can make me very insulin resistant.  My gyn says that women
don't realize that their hormones can begin to act strangely in their 30s.
People associate hormone problems with menopause in their 40s, but actually it
starts earlier.

Just tidbits of information...

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