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[IP] I love my Paradigm

I am in heaven.  My previous pump was a 507.  My Paradigm arrived last week, when I was on a
business trip.  I finally opened the box on Saturday morning.  It is Wonderful!  I feel so lucky
to get one of the first ones shipped.  Although MM told me I had to wait for a class, I was able
to figure it out in about a half hour.  The books and documentation are excellent.
The menu system makes it much easier to use.  An Esc key gets me out of anything when I don't want
to be there.  If I want to do a temp basal, I go right to the basal menu, I don't have to click my
way past bolus and suspend.  The menu guides you to the right screen.
For instance, when you bolus, you select the type of bolus (normal, square, dual) and it prompts
you accordingly.  No need to press Act twice for a normal bolus.  It has an easy bolus which
increments .5 units at a time, so you can bolus without looking at the pump.  It also has a remote
(I never had one before).  
The reservoirs are different, they attach to the insulin vial in a way that creates a vacuum, so
there is much less chance of bubbles.
No clicks when I bolus.
Lots of other neat things about the menu, too many for me to list.
Linda.  pumping with MM for over 6 years

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