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[IP] Re: initial diagnosis

After listening to everyone on this list I must admit that my D went 
undiagnosed for at least a year.  My Mom died when I was 17 (August) then the 
next winter I started losing weight like crazy.  I thought it was stress 
related, you know the whole grieving thing.  I was having whacky behaviors 
(looking back now it was the D and probably also some grief).  I went to a 
psychiatrist and he put me on lithium.  It did not help it just made me feel 
really odd.  My friends all thought I was worse so I quit the lithium.  A 
year later when I was pregnant with my son, I was diagnosed.  So in hind 
sight I think the doctors were negligent in not doing a full physical.  But 
we live and learn don't we?
Jeanne type 1 1983
pump 1998
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