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[IP] A Reminder

Whenever a bunch of highly motivated, intelligent and opinionated people
assemble for any reason, it's a good idea to have some basic rules to enable
us to keep things in line. For this reason, the following List Guidelines
have been adopted:

1. Flaming will not be tolerated. Depending on the circumstances you may be
given a second chance. Repeat flamers will have their membership revoked.

2. Flaming is defined as personal attacks and/or criticism of another
list member that have the effect of holding another up to harsh ridicule,
demeaning them as a person, or otherwise inflicting hostility or anger on
them. What one person may understand to be friendly kidding another may
perceive as hostile flaming. The key here is to be merciful and slow to
respond to perceived hostility. Use of vulgarity and/or profanity is
included in this definition.

3. Flaming to the list is bad, but so is flaming direct to another list
member. Such activity will not be tolerated, either.

4. Choose your words carefully. Words like "stupid" or "idiotic" tend to
invite responses in the same vein. This gets ugly real quick if not watched
carefully. A quick "me too" reply gets attached to the original strongly
worded message which used these words. Responses get hammered out to all the
"me too" people. Smoldering embers turn into small flames, which can quickly
erupt into larger flames - you get the picture. This list is clearly
distinguished in the Internet community by its lack of flames. We should all
be very proud of that. This is a significant accomplishment in today's
Internet environment. Thank you.

5. Remember the following ideas to help keep the flaming impulse under

- You don't have all the answers nor even all the questions.
- Everyone on the list has an opinion, a life, and a value.
- Don't take yourself so seriously as to think we can be influenced by
anger, hostility or venom. Carefully thought out arguments expressed with a
civilized statement will win many followers.
- We're all trying to use these lists as resources to help us maintain,
improve and enhance our lives. Anything that goes against this common goal
may need reexamination before posting to the list.

6. Read twice, write once, and then re-read what you've written twice again
before sending.

7. Use "emoticons" to help express yourself. these are the "smiley's" such
as ;-) or :-) or :-0 etc. that are in common use in Internet communications

8. Carefully think about your e mail "signature". Your message may be
sincere, but that "auto signature" which gets attached to each of your
messages may grind on some people. Insulin Pumpers appreciates it if you
keep your signature line to 1 or 2 lines at the most. There can be as many
as 100 or more messages a day on this list and the (huge) digest, read by
many members, contains that signature line for every message you post.

9. One line "me too" messages responding to others' one line "atta boy
/girl" messages are best directed to individuals, not to the entire list.
These messages add significantly to the volume of mail delivered to users,
and can make searching for information difficult.

10. "Snip" portions of messages you are responding to that are not critical
to the understanding of your response. Try to keep your responses as short
as possible. This is often done by use of <snip> to show you've deleted a
portion of the original message. <Snip> the portion that's not important,
then continue your response below this section. This is very easy to get
accustomed to, and helps keep our mail list manageable.

11. Just because someone doesn't agree with you does not mean he/she is
wrong. Or, stated another way: "Just because someone else is on another path
does not mean they are lost."

12. It is not the intent of the Insulin Pumpers mail lists to offer medical
advice. Information referenced in list messages should be checked with your
health care team. Please check your references before submitting information
to the list. Remember, YMMV -Your Mileage May Vary. Each of us is different,
and reacts differently to our health conditions.

"Good judgment comes from experience; experience, well, that comes from bad
judgment." (Anon)

Thanks a lot.

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