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Re: [IP] Type II and RD's

I am angry and completely amazed at the email written by email @ redacted 
(2/23/2002 11:10:16 PM EST).  I wonder if anyone else was as insulted as I 
was when they read the email.  If anyone else feels like I do, they might 
consider writing a thank-you to Roxanne, who should be praised for sharing 
her thoughts about Type 2 diabetics.  In sharing her thoughts, Roxanne has 
created an opportunity for us to correct the opinion of someone who, in her 
own words, feels justified in discriminating against Type 2 diabetics.

The second paragraph of Roxanne's email states:

       "...Don't judge an entire profession without knowing what we go 

The irony of this statement is that, in her email,  Roxanne condemns every 
Type 2 
iabetic as > she whines about being unable to communicate with them.  Does 
> anyone wonder why the doctors are yelling at her?  Perhaps it is easier to 
discriminate against every Type 2 on the planet than it is to look within 
herself for 
> the source of her unhappiness and ineffectiveness.

Roxanne's email also states that she has, " ... no sympathy for a Type 2 that 
feels that their RD 'didn't teach them enough...."

I'll bet that her patients really consider themselves fortunate to deal with 
an RD that has built a monument to ignorance, insensitivity, self-importance 
and complete contempt for Type 2 diabetics.  Fortunately, Roxanne is able to 
completely ignore the fact that she is being paid by the people she holds in 
such utter contempt.

Perhaps Roxanne would be happier if everyone who paid for the privilege of an 
appointment with her actually enjoyed being judged, blamed, and treated 
without basic human dignity.  Perhaps all those people who she accuses of 
causing their own health issues should worship at the feet of the mighty 
healthcare "professional" who seems to feel compelled to insult them in every 
imaginable way.  Yes, the world would probably be a better place if every 
smug, self-righteous person on the planet got their own way.

I always wondered what sort of special qualities it took to live up to 
Roxanne's high standards.  Did anyone notice the superhuman powers described 
in the letter?  In her letter, Roxanne describes some of these super powers:

       "...If the patient wants to learn, WE CAN SENSE IT, and therefore the 
        will learn.  If the patient is not interested in learning, we can 
sense that, also. 
        They only get the basics."

I'm only a mortal.  Fortunately, I don't have any of the super powers 
described in Roxanne's email.

But it seems to me that every diabetic who visits Roxanne's office should 
receive the same set of information.  Why should some people get one story, 
and other people hear something else?  Roxanne seems to use her amazing super 
powers as justification for discriminating against the Type 2 diabetics 
described in her email.

After all this, does anyone wonder why the doctors yell at Roxanne?  I wonder 
whether her incredibly bad attitude is manifested in the dictation records 
she files with her employer?  I can only hope that they are as 
self-incriminatory as her email.

Roxanne seems so certain she is correct, that she signs her full name and 
professional title to her email.  Too bad she did not list her business 
address and the names of her managers.  However, Roxanne does tell us that 
she is a certified MiniMed pump trainer.

If anyone from MiniMed reads this, MiniMed might consider requesting that 
Roxanne write a letter of apology and retraction.  After all, I am not sure 
that MiniMed wants to associate itself with any of the opinions in Roxanne's 
letter, especially since it went out to a large portion of their customer 

I have a message for Roxanne:  If you hate your job and the people it brings 
you in contact with, then all you have to do is memorize the following 
phrase:  Welcome to my fast food hamburger restaurant; may I take your order 
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