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Re: [IP] Re: No Mashed Potatoes???

http://www.nutr.biochem.usyd.edu.au/GIDB/FMPro  This site will tell you the 
GI of most everything if you are too lazy to look it up in the books or in 
Rick Mendosas site.  You type in the food and it pops up the GI.

Well, you caught me not doing my homework.  Mashed potatoes are moderately 
high and not moderate GI...actually .88 is pretty darn high.  You are correct.

When first diagnosed, Gabe was on a low carb diet because he had quite a bit 
of Beta cell function (C Peptide of 2.5 on scale of 0-4) and we though maybe 
to preserve it by "resting" the pancreas and using low carb food.

SInce he is now using insulin and completely insulin dependent, the trick is 
to use the right insulin with the right timing to cover all food.  I try to 
use only 1 high glycemic item per meal.  So if he eats mashed potatoes, I 
don't use other things that are high; I tend to use all moderate items like 
pasta and etc for main courses and lots of low and low moderate items like 
fruit and vegetables and then allow one dessert with a higher glycemic value. 
 I do weigh and measure everything and multiply the amount of carb by the GI 
value; that gives a weighted value to the meal and I have make the insulin 
"ratios" accordingly.

You are absolutely correct; mashing "them  there potatoer"  brings up their 
GI.......I will do my homework better next time.

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