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Re: [IP] Type II and RD's

In a message dated 2/23/02 11:10:38 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< We don't sit down with them because most Type II's are only at the session
 because their doctor orders it.  They want to appease their doc and they make
 the appointment.  Then they often stop at McDonald's or whatever is on their
 way home.  Or, as I have often witnessed, they go to the hospital cafeteria
 and go against everything that we have just discussed the hour before. >>

Hey, hey, hey! Don't classify all type 2s (the Arabic number 2 has been the 
preferred designation for several years now, BTW) in the same category! :-)

When I was first diagnosed, the doc sent me to a dietitian. As far as I was 
concerned, she spoke pure gibberish. Preached at me, gave me orders and sent 
me on my way. 

Nine years (and a couple more dietitians) later, I found Amy. Amy spent 1 1/2 
hours with me, going over my likes and dislikes (even the brands of cereal I 
ate and what I ordered at restaurants), when I tended to eat, when I tended 
to snack, etc. She worked *with* me to design a meal plan that fit my 
lifestyle and my preferences. Most importantly, she explained why monitoring 
food intake was so important with diabetes. She was also the first to tell me 
that all carbohydrates convert to sugar in your body. (Bingo! The light went 
on!) I had a follow-up visit with her a couple of weeks later to discuss how 
it was going, what needed to be changed, any problems I was having, etc. 

I don't think it was because I'm type 2 that the first few dietitians didn't 
"take." It wasn't that I was unwilling to listen or to learn. They were 
either unwilling, or unable, to explain things to me in a way that made me 
aware of the importance of food in diabetes control. It was more like "you 
have diabetes, so we're going to punish you."

Now I know that there are dietitians like Amy, and like Sheila, and like 
Sandy, and like Pat, and more. 

The director of education where I go for my diabetes care laughs because I go 
through dietitians. But when I ask for a consult to work out a problem I'm 
having -- such as a plan for weight loss -- and the dietitian starts in 
explaining Nutrition 101 and such (I've long surpassed Nutrition 101), and 
not bothering to first determine what I already know and what my needs are 
*now*, I tend to fire 'em and go on to somebody I can work with (i.e., who 
will listen to me and determine what I need, explain the whys to me, then 
work with me to find a solution). :-)

I've had the best. I'm not going to settle for less than that. It's my life 
(literally) and I deserve it.

Jan and Elvis
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