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RE: [IP] Discrimination?

I have to say(I am the D, not my children) that if my church did this, I would
look for another church after raising a lot of sand.  She is fully capable of
participating in all activities, and should not be treated this way.  I am
appalled at such a lack of caring and compassion for you as well as your
child. This sounds like "stone age" attitudes.  Yes, the adults would have to
be more "on top of things" if she were to attend, but think about it.
While it is a private facility, that is discrimination in its most blatant
form.  This should not be allowed private or public.  I am sure that it would
cost big bucks to fight it legally, but I think I would write letters to the
"powers that be" in your church.  I would also make sure I wrote a letter to
the editor of my local newspaper, describing the situation so that the
community knows what these people are like.  I have 4 girls and all went to
church preschools.  I know how moms talk.  A few well-chosen words, and the
preschool will have a bad reputation.  You might mess with me, but don't mess
with my children. I am sure you feel the same way.  Please let us know what

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