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RE: [IP] Re: Age When Diagnosed?

This sounds a lot like me.  I was controlled by diet alone for about 6 months
after my dx.  (I was in college, 19 almost 20).  I stayed away from refined
sugars and was "ok".  After about 9 months, I could tell I was getting worse
again. My mom forced me to go to an endo in Atlanta.  I saw him for almost a
yr.(on oral meds with his warning that it would last no more than 24 months).
In another 8 months or so, I saw the oral meds were not working, but was in
denial and waited til I lost 30 lbs in 2 months, and then called him when my
bg was 395. I hadn't eaten in 48 hours.  He said he thought the handwriting
was on the wall.  I went on insulin at that point (May 1988).  It took me
almost 2 yrs from dx to insulin.

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