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Re: [IP] test stips, tape & cannula allergy

Hi Mary and all,

I have CIGNA through work, and at the beginning, they covered something like
200 strips a month for my then 3 year old.  That works out to about 6 or 7
strips a day, which is way under the number of times we check my now 6+ year
old.  I SIMPLY called CIGNA and very politely (which is uncommon for me)
asked them to increase their allowance to 400 strips a month (since we check
Nicholas anywhere from 12-15 times a day.  They sounded apprehensive, so I
continued that everyone knows that tight glucose control greatly improves a
person with diabetes' chances of developing any of the complications (though
nothing is guaranteed).  Before they said anything, I smoothly continued
that with the new technology, people with diabetes are thankfully living
longer than ever, and should complications should arise, it's not only going
to be bad for the victim, but also for the insurance compaines who will then
have to pay for a lot more than strips...

They told me that they would cover whatever our Endo prescribed, and our
Endo prescribes just about whatever we ask him to (but we don't go
overboard  8)   ).

Try calling your insurance company, and telling them some of the things I
mentioned.  If they still balk, tell them that EVERYONE (even if that only
means you and me), has to check before and 2 hours after meals (at least 6
times), then before any snacks (or intake of carbs) (maybe 1 or 2), then
before bed (1), 2 times overnight (we sometimes do 3 checks while Nicholas
sleeps), and whenever you think your are hypo or hyper....

If you are an athlete, then I think you'd have to check even more frequently
(before and during exercise, and definitely at night time).  Does your Endo
know this?  100 strips a day wouldn't get us through 2 weeks in this house.
If your Endo continues to not prescribe more than 100 test strips a month,
by all means and if you can swing it, look for someone who is willing to
prescribe for you what you need to do your best to maintain as healthy a
life(style) as possible.

Good luck!

Mike O
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