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[IP] Re: Age When Diagnosed?

This came up on the list a while back and I like reading the stories the 
question generates. After reading Katherine's, I feel really lucky.
My story could have easily mirrored Katherine's, but I had a very diligent 
endo and good insurance that led to my diagnoses at 21, a day after my 
birthday and after three weeks of trying to figure out what was going on. I 
had no symptoms but during a routine physical at my college health center was 
shown to be spilling sugar in urine and blood test showed BG of 
300-something. I went immediately to my regular doctor, who said I was 
diabetic, gave me some insulin and referred me to an endo. I had an extreme 
lows from the insulin and the endo ordered me to simply check my sugars for a 
while and avoid high-carb foods and concentrated sugars. BGs would go up 
sometimes, but always would return to normal eventually. He thought I had 
stress hyperglycemia brought on by college pressures. After more testing and 
time, he diagnosed Type I.
I later had another endo that took me off of insulin and put me on oral meds. 
At this point I had been diabetic about two years. My BGs were stabilized 
unless I ate. He put me back on insulin after a few days. It scares me to 
think of that now. I was obviously still in the honeymoon stage and producing 
some insulin on my own.
Although another person mentioned that this list leads them to believe it is 
not uncommon to be diagnosed Type I in 20s and older, it really is. It's just 
the concentration of diabetics on this list that makes it seem more common.
dxed IDDM 9/92, pumped 1/10/02

In a message dated 2/22/02 7:29:30 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< First DX:  stress diabetes - control diet and exercise.  I was 29 y/o.

In the spring of '86, I moved across the country from Rochester, NY to Santa 
Fe, NM and noticed that I was losing weight (and could afford to) without 
dieting, thirsty all the time, and up several tmes a night to pee.
Second DX:  Type 2 DM - onto oral meds, then within 3 years, insulin and no 
oral meds.  I was 31 y/o (barely).

In the fall of '96, I had a 24 hour fever for no apparent reason.  My sugars 
went wild (high) and I began regular insulin therapy.  Third DX:  Type 1 DM.  
I was 41 y/o. >>
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