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Re: [IP] test stips, tape & cannula allergy

Jenny's endo prescribes 6 test strips a day. Our pharmaceutical 
insurance, Merck-Medco, gives us a three months supply for a $10 copay. 
What would happen if you could yet a doctor to prescribe more test 
strips, would Kaiser pay? Why not ask you endo?


Mary Costello wrote:

>I'm 21 years old and near Sacramento, California.  I
>have Kaiser for health insurance and I'm new to
>insulin pumpers.  Thank you to all who run this, it's
>an amazing site!  I have 2 questions:
>1)I've been reading about people testing every 2 hours
>and over 5 times per day, and I'm wondering if your
>insurance companies cover this?  I would LOVE to test
>that often and the doctors say to test a lot
>(especially because I'm an athlete), but then the
>doctors refuse to write a perscription over 100 for
>test strips/month.  I've tried 4 different doctors and
>have finally found one that I like, but she will not
>write perscriptions over 100-200 strips/mo. (I think
>it may be Kaiser policy) 
>2) Is anyone else allergic to all sets?  I have a MM
>pump and tried EVERYTHING- IV prep, every tape and set
>MM can recommend, I talked to a dermatologists, 2
>doctors, and CDE's.  I eventualy went to the bent
>needle with a store bought breathable tape, but it
>left big red, swelling marks above where the needle
>was.  I recently began using Disetronic's sets which
>are definately better, but after a month of use I'm
>starting to show some allergy to the tape.  It seems
>I'm not allergic to the cannula Disetronic makes
>though (I'm allergic to MM's tape and cannulas).  I'm
>just wondering if anyone else has run into this, all
>the doctors and MM reps I've talked to think it's
>weird.  Thank you in advance for any advice or
>age 21
>diagnosed at age 10, pumping for 2.5 years  
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