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Re: [IP] Discrimination?

In a message dated 2/23/2002 8:55:13 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> My 3 year old daughter has been denied access to our church's preschool 
>  program next fall because of her diabetes.  We have been members of the 
>  church for 20 years and they allow nonmembers from the community to attend 
>  the program as well.  Does anyone have information for me to figure out if 
>  this is legal? 

This is both shocking and incredibly sad.  Have you raised you concerns with 
the church leadership and the church community at large?   Assuming you have 
services tomorrow, I think you should stand up in the middle of the service 
as ask why, when you have been members in good standing for so many years, is 
your own church choosing to be so blatantly discriminatory against a sweet 
little three year old girl?

If you lived near me, I'd be happy to help you picket in front of your 
church.  To think that any religious organization could act in such a cruelly 
exclusionary way towards a completely innocent little child is truly 
disgusting! Shame on them!

I'm no lawyer, but I suspect that you will be out of luck re: the ADA, etc. 
(separation of church and state and all that) unless they get any kind of 
federal money for anything (either for any charitable work that the church 
does or for any of the school programs, etc.) .  .  .  

If you want to get to expert advocacy support and advice, I'd suggest 
contacting the folks in the advocacy arm of the American Diabetes 
Association.  Personally, I hope you make a very long and loud stink about 
this .  .  . You might want to contact your local TV stations consumer and 
health reporters to see if you can get them interested in the story . . .

Please keep us posted!

Pumpmama to Katie
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