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Re: [IP] Type II and RD's

We don't sit down with them because most Type II's are only at the session
because their doctor orders it.  They want to appease their doc and they make
the appointment.  Then they often stop at McDonald's or whatever is on their
way home.  Or, as I have often witnessed, they go to the hospital cafeteria
and go against everything that we have just discussed the hour before.  We
have often been call by the MD and basically yelled at because the patient
goes into their next MD appointment and tell how awful their session was or
that the RD didn't listen to them.  What the patient doesn't realize is that
as soon as they leave, we dictate our consultation, which is all the proof
that the MD needs that we did our job.  Their attitude is very often, and
quite noticeably, one which screams 'just tell me so I can home!'

Don't judge an entire profession without knowing what we go through teaching
patients.  And also don't forget that the majority of Type II's have a
disease that they could have prevented.  I have no sympathy for a Type II
that feels that their RD 'didn't teach them enough.'  If the patient wants to
learn, WE CAN SENSE IT, and therefore the patient will learn.  If the patient
is not interested in learning, we can sense that, also.  They only get the

Quit putting the blame on the healthcare professions and take responsibility
for your own disease.  We don't 'give' the disease to the patients...we can
only tell them the best way to control it.  And if you don't like your
particular MD, RN, RD, etc., then remember that this is American and we do
have other choices.

Roxanne M. Villanueva RD, LD, CPT
Registered and Licensed Dietitian
2002 ADA 'Call to Congress: Conquer Diabetes' Participant (May 1-3, 2002)
Minimed Certified Insulin Pump Trainer
IDDM X >20 Years, Pumping 1/4/1995
(First with Disetronic and now with MM since 11/00 and much happier!)
"Diabetes is a disease of complications and waiting for them to happen." - -
- Mary Tyler Moore

Please pray for my oldest friend, Sandi Pompili, as she battles Leukemia and
prepares for a Bone Marrow Transplant on March 5, 2002.

In a message dated 2/23/2002 08:47:29 PM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

> I get kind of angry with dietitians and type II diabetics.  They don't
> really sit with them and fully explain the exchange program especially
> those
> who are just on diet and exercise or those who are on oral pills.
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