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[IP] Re: Help with sets

Hi Marion,

Noah uses only his abdomen for infusion sets.  He is thin, but not 
skinny, and has never had any trouble with them there.  He has never, 
in 2.8 years pumping, had any bleeding at his site or in his 
cannula/tubing which leads me to think maybe Gabe isn't inserting 
properly or something else is causing the problem after the site is 
in.  I find it hard to believe that a slight bump or push to the site 
will cause bleeding problems.  Noah is very active and wears his pump 
through it all (except school contact sports)...snow boarding, 
skiing, back-yard basketball and football, etc.  He has bumped his 
site a few times where he's felt it come loose and he's had to do a 
set change, but there has never been any blood.  Is Gabe using the 
sof-serter or another self-serting device?  Noah's site didn't stay 
in as well when he was inserting it manually.

I really hope you get it figured out.  Poor Gabe!  He's been a real 
trooper and deserves a lot of credit to not want to give up on the 
pump after all he's been through.

Cindy, mom to 15 y/o pumping Noah, dx at age 9, and,
Micah, age 11
wife to Steve

Is Gabe using the sof-serter or another self serting device?

>>From: email @ redacted

The quickset is in the upper buttocks/hip area; it is definitely 
going in right because it works 30-48 hours if we are lucky.

Gabe is thin and they tell me that with thin kids a slight pump or 
push will make the small cannula in the quickset hit a capilliary and 
then the blood blocks the infusion.

I don't know who to believe.  The CDE is not on call on weekends and 
doesn't make home visits.  She makes it sound like we are the only 
ones having trouble.

Do you put quicksets in the abdomen?  I am thinking of trying that, 
but Gabe is really thin and the CDE was crazy about putting the site 


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