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Re: [IP] test stips, tape & cannula allergy

> Hi Mary,
> I don't have Kaiser but regarding the test strips-you definitely
> need a doctors support on this one.  Explain that you are very
> active and need to check before during and after activity as well as
> later on to check for lows. 

Normal testing guidelines for a pumper or anyone on tight control 

before meals
2-3 hours post prandial
before bed
anytime you feel high or low -- repeatedly until control is 

before and during physical activity -- sports, etc...
with 30 minutes prior to driving a car or operating heavy machinery 
 and hourly thereafter while continuing
       bg's must be > 100 or not much below and rising
See the FAA guidelines for diabetic pilots

If you start adding up what this means in terms of strips per day, 
meal and sleep testing is 5, and that assumes that you are in perfect 
control the rest of the time (NOT). Six per day should be considered 
a minimum. The average for OUR group of folks is 6.8 per day. See the 
ABOUT page of the web site at:


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Information Form -- click the button on the MEMBERS ONLY page or the 
ABOUT page.

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