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[IP] washing hands before testing

I've read posts here before about whether or not it's important for us to 
wash our hands before bg testing.  I was never really sure and had never 
bothered to see if it really did matter until today.  While I was doing my 
own blood test this morning, my 7 yr old daughter asked to have hers tested 
too.  I didn't want to miss that opportunity since it never happens that way. 
 I usually have to beg my kids to let me stick em :-)  Anyway, we did the 
test and it read 202.  Nearly scared the pants off me!  Then I remembered 
that she had been making pb&js for her brothers earlier and I asked her to 
wash her hands and let me do it again.  I have never prayed so hard in my 
life as I did when we were waiting for the meter to display her reading.  
This time it was 99.  Whew!  I will definitely be washing my hands before 
testing from now on.  Before today it seemed like such a pain.....you know, 
wasting time, making my hands dry, etc.  Now I see what a difference it can 

Sharon J
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