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[IP] Alternative sites---need ideas

I have been pumping for about 3 years, and have
recently begun having occasional trouble with
absorption in some sites. Many on this index have
mentioned the importance of frequent site rotation,
and I have dutifully moved over six sites: both sides
of the abdomen, upper hip, and flank (saddlebag area).
Apparently, I need to try more sites.

I have managed to place a Silhouette site in my lats,
(below the underarm) but it's a bit uncomfortable. I
have read about others using the deltoid/shoulder area
or legs. I think legs won't work for me--I cycle 200
miles a week. What infusion sites would work best for
the deltoids or the lower back? Has anyone used the
pectoral/chest area? Any way I could place those sites
myself, or will I need someone's help?

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