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[IP] initial diagnosis and why potassium?

Michael English asked why we might need potassium.  When first diagnosed
(Type 1 at 46), I was out for three days and on a potassium IV for about
five.  My PCP said that it was a result of the severe dehydration preceding
my diagnosis.

Reading the discussions about people who are treated as Type 2 because
physicians are unwilling to recognize the possibility of Type 1 in older
individuals raises a question in my mind:  Why isn't a C-peptide run
routinely when patients present with symptoms consistent with diabetes?  It
still doesn't answer the Type 1/Type 2 question definitively but it does
answer an immediately important questions about insulin production.  I don't
know about you, but if my body isn't making  insulin, it's really quite
irrelevant to me if that is a result of an autoimmune disorder, a pancreatic
infection, a reaction to steriods or other medications, physical trauma to
the pancreas or because it's "worn out" from a lifetime of fighting insulin
resistance.  You need insulin and you need it now.
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