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Re: [IP] test stips, tape & cannula allergy-Mary C.

Mary Costello wrote:
"I would LOVE to test that often and the doctors say to test a lot
(especially because I'm an athlete), but then the doctors refuse to write a
perscription over 100 for test strips/month.  I've tried 4 different doctors
and have finally found one that I like, but she will not write perscriptions
over 100-200 strips/mo. (I think
it may be Kaiser policy)"

First, the phrase "test a lot" means nothing without a definite figure.  If
you can get 200 strips a month, that's about 6 tests a day.  Hubby's endo
feels 7 is the minimum that should be done (pre-meals, 2-3 hr post- meals,
bedtime, then if ill or if things seem out of "whack" more testing), agrees
that because Hubby can be very sensitive to insulin, he needs to test up
to10-12 times a day, has so written in Hubby's chart, and so notified the
insurance company.  Hubby thus gets coverage for sufficient strips.
So, I'd first get the doctor to give a definite "number"for the glucose
testing that she says is what YOU need to do every day, not necessarily what
someone else needs to do, with full explanation to the MD of your activity
having the potential to make you glucose levels unstable (and, if it has,
written documetation of that such as logs/anecdotal info in writing), make
sure that number of daily tests is documented in your chart, and confirm
with her that she will indeed provide documentation to the insurance company
of the medical necessity for that number of tests daily (thus an amount of
strips per month).  Some MD's just don't want the hassle of providing to
insurance companies the documentation needed to support above the "normal"
covered amounts.  Also, perhaps ask her what she was advised should be the
minimum daily testing protocol when she was "trained" for putting patients
on an insulin pump.
Have you been able to show to your MD documentation that you indeed utilize
all the strips now provided, and have you been able uncover any pattern
which would support the need for more frequent testing?  Have you confirmed
what your state law says about coverage for diabetic supplies, confirmed
with Kaiser that there is a limit that will be covered even if documentation
is provided that there is a medical necessity for more strips?  If so, have
you asked for info on an appeal's process on the basis of "medical
Sorry to hear about the allergy problem, don't have a clue on that one.
Good luck to you.
Marj of Marj; Mike (I'm not into computers, but glad to be on this list);
and "Ace, the PP" (portable pancreas)
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