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RE: [IP] necrobiosis

Oh, my goodness! We are soulmates! Yes, I have them terribly!  Mine started
out nearly 3 yrs. ago as mosquito bites that I really scratched that summer. I
was very out of control, and my endo says that, had I been in control, they
might not have happened.  I have them on the front(almost completely
covering)of my left shin.  I have 4 on the back of my right calf.  They also
were from mosquito bites originally the same summer.  My dermatologist
biopsied the ones on the back of my calf to see what they were.  He guessed
right, but wanted to be sure.  My mom says they look like I have AIDS(she
doesn't keep her opinions to herself).  Anyway, I don't have AIDS, but I do
have these things that make people look at my legs with funny looks.  I try to
wear skirts to work that cover my leg.  However, I teach 1st grade, and 6 yr
olds don't keep their questions to themselves.  Anyway, a tan in the summer
helps to disguise them a little.  Grown-ups think that I was burned or
something.  My derma.  says that 50% of all diabetics have a genetic
predisposition to this condition and will at some point develop them. I have
been D 16 yrs. I don't know about you as far as how long you have been D.
I am glad to hear of someone else who does this.  Out of all these people on
this list, you are the only other person I know about.  Endo tells me that
keeping bg in good control will help to avoid this, but I also stay inside in
the late afternoon and evenings in the summer to avoid more bug bites.  Please
email me privately if you wish.

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