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[IP] test stips, tape & cannula allergy

I'm 21 years old and near Sacramento, California.  I
have Kaiser for health insurance and I'm new to
insulin pumpers.  Thank you to all who run this, it's
an amazing site!  I have 2 questions:

1)I've been reading about people testing every 2 hours
and over 5 times per day, and I'm wondering if your
insurance companies cover this?  I would LOVE to test
that often and the doctors say to test a lot
(especially because I'm an athlete), but then the
doctors refuse to write a perscription over 100 for
test strips/month.  I've tried 4 different doctors and
have finally found one that I like, but she will not
write perscriptions over 100-200 strips/mo. (I think
it may be Kaiser policy) 

2) Is anyone else allergic to all sets?  I have a MM
pump and tried EVERYTHING- IV prep, every tape and set
MM can recommend, I talked to a dermatologists, 2
doctors, and CDE's.  I eventualy went to the bent
needle with a store bought breathable tape, but it
left big red, swelling marks above where the needle
was.  I recently began using Disetronic's sets which
are definately better, but after a month of use I'm
starting to show some allergy to the tape.  It seems
I'm not allergic to the cannula Disetronic makes
though (I'm allergic to MM's tape and cannulas).  I'm
just wondering if anyone else has run into this, all
the doctors and MM reps I've talked to think it's
weird.  Thank you in advance for any advice or
age 21
diagnosed at age 10, pumping for 2.5 years  

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