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[IP] gallbladder surgery

Hi All,

I wrote last week about Eves gallbladder surgery, we talked to the surgeon
yesterday. We explained to the surgeon the Eve has an insulin pump and would
like to have her keep the pump on during surgery. He said that he has heard
about insulin pumps, but never saw one and would it be ok if he looked at
it. We explained the basics of the pump to him and he was fine with her
keeping it on. He said that when they operate on people with diabetes that
they give them glucose IVs and keep checking their blood sugar and then
give them regular insulin in their IV to counteract the glucose. We had to
explain to him that with a pump the glucose IV was not needed and not to
give regular insulin because she was on Humalog and had no long term insulin
on board to make her go low without eating. We also told him that she has a
remote dosing system on her pump and if she needed insulin I would give it
to her in the recovery room. We're hoping all goes well with her surgery.

I want to thank all who wrote back about their experiences.

Deborah mom to Eve 14.5, and her pump Zoe 2
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99
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