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Richard Uhlman,

Sorry for the delay in a response, as I don't get a chance to keep up with 
all this email.  I can only answer your concerns with our own experiences.  
My son is 15.5 years old and this week just finished his Eagle.  He was 
diagnosed at 8 years old and went on the pump in 8th grade.  I was really 
concerned about, as you said, problems out in the woods, but now I feel that 
Boys Scouts is incredibly important to his whole mental health and self 
Image.  It was given him the ability to just be one of the boys.  He has gone 
to a different Boy's Scout summer camps ever year.  I just send detailed 
information and make sure I talk to their medical staff ahead of time.  They 
have always been very supportive.  

When we chose what troop he was going to join, we talked to the leaders to 
get a feel of their supervision level, their medical training and their 
willingness to work with my son, but not make him stand out as the "sick 

The pump has been an incredible help in his scout experiences.  As he go 
older and could move his basals as needed, change his bolus rates with 
exercise and times and what he was eating, it gave him the freedom to adapt 
his medical needs to the situation rather than expecting the situation to 
adjust to his medical needs.  This is very important to a teenager.  It gave 
him the ability to have such scout experiences as back packing for 2 weeks in 
Alaska to being on the staff of scout leadership camps (Brownsea).

I urge you to give scouts a change.  And if you are not comfortable with him 
out there by himself, I urge you to get involved.  There are a lot of great 
experiences in scouts for adults also.

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