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Re: [IP] Glucagon Kit

--- The insurance
> industry just wants us to
> force them to obey the law.  Those of us who do not
> go to the trouble means
> extra dollars for them.
This is definitely the truth of the matter. Some where
I read that the insurance companies lose 1 out of 3
claims. Figuring people don't have the time, the
ability or want the hassle of dealing with them to
clear up the problems. I myself have left things go
only to get a letter from a collection agency(bill
passed on from the hospital) and of course I pay.
 I think they also keep it very confusing for the same
reasons.  I consider myself a fairly intelligent
person(MBA) but trying to figure out what they are
paying and what the hospital is charging and getting
the two to agree can be near impossible. YMMV (but I
bet not by much) 

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