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[IP] When diagnosed/immune system triggers

In a message dated 02/21/2002 8:02:20 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Type 1 is an immune system triggered disease...I believe.  Someone with more
> medical experience can probably go into more detail.  Most people who are
> predisposed to diabetes through genes, etc. usually experience a trigger in
> their youth, and that is why it is more common to be diagnosed under age 
> 20.
> Many children who are diagnosed, are after a bad cold, chicken pox, etc.  
> In
> my case a skin infection.
> Please correctly if I have misunderstood anything list.  I know you will.

I was diagnosed at age 17, but only one month after appendicitis.  I had no 
symptoms of diabetes and there was no problem with my blood sugar while in 
the hospital.  My temperature spiked to about 105 and then the appendicitis 
went away. My white blood count was back to normal, so they sent me home 
after a few days.  One month later, I had lost almost 25 pounds and was 
drinking a gallon of milk in 30 minute sittings.  I was sent straight to a 
diabetes research hospital to be used as a test subject in medical research 
by a physician working on the link between the immune system and diabetes.  I 
had at least two more appendix infections in the next few years.  They didn't 
take out my appendix until I was 20, and my blood count was almost back to 
normal before they decided to go ahead and take it out.  No one else in my 
family has any form of diabetes, but several have unusually strong immune 
systems.  I have one cousin who has never been to the doctor except to get 
booster shots.  I guess diabetes is one small drawback of hardly ever being 
sick as a child.  My temp would always spike and then I'd be back to normal 
by the next day.  Good for getting over the flu or chicken pox, but 
apparently my white blood cells also liked the taste of the insulin-producing 

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