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Re: [IP] HELP-Gabe's sites falling out (long)

Marion wrote:
> But the darn thing fell out twice (the set).

We know you had a problem with the Sof-sets, but Hubby wanted me to share
what's worked for him, a guy with a very hairy tummy.  Quick-sets didn't
hold for him so he went back to Sof-sets.
He first cleans the new site with an alcohol swab, lets that dry completely
while getting reservoir loaded.  He then uses IV Prep on the new site, lets
this dry to a good tacky stage while he gets: tubing connected to reservoir
(triple checking for any large air bubbles), tubing primed, old reservoir
out and new loaded into pump, set loaded into the Sof-serter.
He stands up to insert, making sure tummy is taunt before inserting set,
presses Sof-serter tightly against the skin (confirming 90 degrees to skin),
after inserting he puts cover tape (with the hole) over the set, covers with
an IV 3000 pressing down all around to make sure there's as much contact as
possible between IV 3000 and skin, THEN (not shouting, just making sure this
is noted) wipes all around the edges of the cover tape with the IV Prep.
Hubby does have some fat in the tummy area so he doesn't need to "pinch an
inch" the way a slender person would.  This whole process works better for
him than the "sandwich" method.
 In the hot, humid weather, before wiping all around the IV 3000 with the IV
Prep,  he takes another IV 3000, cuts it in half horizontally, then pastes
lengthwise a piece on each side of the covering IV 3000 which in essence
makes the IV 3000 1and 1/2 times larger, then wipes all around with the IV
Prep.  He's had no loose sets at all (so far) since using this procedure
even with sweating buckets at the golf course.
Sounds like a lot, but it only takes about 10 minutes to do it all.
Periodically, he uses baby oil to remove any sticky residue from old site
areas, treats with antibiotic ointment or Lubriderm (depending on whether
it's been real hot and humid).
Also, he says to remind Gabe to make sure the set is well away from the
waistband level and placed where there is some adipose tissue.  Hubby also
wonders if Gabe's Sof-sets stuck well right after insertion and removal of
the Sof-serter before any cover tape.  When Hubby first went on the pump
with saline, he discovered that if he didn't push the Sof-serter into the
skin, the set would seem "loose".  He also wonders if Gabe's sites felt even
a tiny bit itchy.
Hope this may give some help.  We, too, feel that you weren't provided with
enough training before going with insulin in the pump.  Practice is so vital
at the beginning to develop good technique and confidence.
BTW, why does the HMO require you to change back to the "old" endo?  They
don't cover the group to which Gabe's been going more recently?
Marj; Mike (I'm not into computers, but glad to be on this list); and "Ace,
the PP" (portable pancreas)
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