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[IP] Re: Vision and BG

My eye doctor told me that high blood sugars would effect reading vision more 
than 'distance' visions.  She said it would take 6 weeks to see the full 
effects of good control.  I an very nearsighted (-10 to - 11 diopter range) 
and really have never been able to see all that great but did not notice a 
considerable difference with changing BG.  
Last fall, it seemed that my reading vision had gotten really bad and I 
decided that I wanted to get my contacts weaker so that I could see 
somethings without putting reading glasses on top of my contacts even though 
I would lose some clarity in my distance visions (only people over 40 who are 
also nearsighted will probably understand this).  I had my doctor order new 
contacts but because my BG had improved so much from switching to Novalog, my 
reading vision was about 1 diopter better and I wore the new contacts for 
awhile but decided it was better to use the old ones.  Now, I have had some 
more trouble with my BG do to stress at work and feel that my reading vision 
is getting worse again.  So I guess I should get out those new contacts again 
and see if they are better at this vision!

Type 1 - 28 years, pump 2 1/5 years
age 44
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