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[IP] Potassium Intake

I am a dialysis patient and my potassium intake is limited to about 2500 mg 
per day.  

I have found that even foods that you don't think have much potassium in 
them, they really do have some if not a lot of potassium in them.  Anything 
with moe than 150 mg per serving is considered a high potassium food, 
especially tomatoes, potatoes, bananas and oranges & orange juice.  

It is true that if you peel and cut up potatoes in to thin slices and soak 
them for about 4+ hours and change the water at least once, it leaches out 
about 1/2 the potassium.  This is true for almost any food that is considered 
high potassium.

A normal potassium level is anywhere from 3.5-5.5.  High over 5.5.   

Symptoms of high potassium and low potassium levels are the same and they 
include: weakness, tiredness, muscle cramps, and ittegular heartbeat.  

I have an endless list of high potassium foods I would be more than happy to 
share with anyone and also have a few websites available if anyone is 

MM 508 11 months
Hemodialysis patient 2 1/2 yrs
T1 18 years
and all in my 30 years of living my Princess lifestyle
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