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We had alot of trouble in the start with sof-sets, staying in, since we have
changed to sils., we have not had one set come out and my son sweats very
easily, last summer when we started, it was very humid and hot, so was quite
the challange.  Before he changes out, he either takes a shower or we wash
the site with soap and dry it, sometimes we use a little alcohol,  we then
put a liquid adhesive on first , he inserts , I cut a hole in the middle of
a tegederm patch, the larger one., we put a little more adhesive around the
sil,  just for added strength , let it dry so it is tacky and put the tape
over the whole set., works perfect he showers every day,and is very active,
he has not had one site come out in 8 months.   Also we could not use the
IV-prep it seemed to make the site less sticky.


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