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Re: [IP] Highs after site change

> Question: What are all the factors that could cause high BGs after a site
> change? Sometimes I get this in spite of priming to eliminate air bubbles,
> meal-bolusing after site change to clear tissue from the cannula, and
> sure to change sites before the reservoir runs low.
> Laura G.


For 6 years I had the same results you are getting. My first 10 years of
pumping I used a metal needle that we bent ourselves to the proper angle. I
hated them, but there wasn't anything else. Then I got a MiniMed 506 and
they asked what kind of sets. I didn't know there was a choice. They
explained that the Sof-Sets didn't leave a metal needle inside, but a tiny
Teflon canula. Hey, okay, even though more expensive. Well, as I said, for
the next 6 years I had your results. I guess they thought since I was
pumping so long, I wouldn't need training. HA!!! The metal needle WAS the
introducer needle - and stayed. When I got on the 'net, I asked your Q. The
cure was, after doing those things you are doing, and withdrawing the
introducer needle, the next prime HAS TO go inside your body to fill the
empty space left by that needle. For the Sof-Sets 9mm canula, it requires
0.5u. This made all the difference in the world. Since you didn't mention
that in your routine, I believe that may be your problem. (~_^)

BTW, if you go to the Sils, you might have more of a problem if this is the
cause, since that introducer needle is a foot long. <VBG>

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