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RE: [IP] potassium intake ?

> Jan and others trying not to eat high potassium....
> A friend of mine whose hubby was on dialysis told me that if you keep
> soaking your potatoes (after peeling them) and disgarding the water and
> resoaking them several times, you remove a lot of the potassium from the
> potatoes....

Yeah - and they have to be sliced and it has to be done a day ahead of time.
I don't usually know I'm having potatoes until preparing a meal. When I'm
alone (hugsy trucking or traveling) I don't usually prepare a meal like that
for me. When I met my hugsband, I always ate the skin of baked potatoes - he
didn't. Now he does and I don't. ;)

> Jan. are you on dialysis yet?  Are you a candidate for a tx???

No dialysis yet, my last test was 18% (up from 15.7%). It's hovering. I
still haven't completed all the testing to get listed. I keep floating on
the river in Egypt (denial). It's that family-doesn't-give-two-hoots thingy
and don't know who would take care of me in recovery. Hugsband has to work.

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