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[IP] Highs after site change

Hi everyone,

(Thank you all so much for writing and sharing information. I'm new to the 
list and learning things every day. Special thanks to you DM veterans who are 
showing us that there's life after complications.)

Question: What are all the factors that could cause high BGs after a site 
change? Sometimes I get this in spite of priming to eliminate air bubbles, 
meal-bolusing after site change to clear tissue from the cannula, and being 
sure to change sites before the reservoir runs low. The 
2-hrs-post-site-change high BG (350+...really wrecks my day!) usually drops 
after a monster correction bolus, then things are OK and I can keep the site. 
What else could it be? (I've been using MMSof-sets but am switching to Sils 
or Quicksets when they come in the mail...maybe that will help.)

Laura G.
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