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Re: [IP] Age When Diagnosed?

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From: Rowe, Kelly <email @ redacted>

>I thought I was something of an oddity being diagnosed type 1 in my
>twenties, but I have seen several people on this list diagnosed beyond
>twentieth birthday.  Is it really that common?

I know quite a few people diagnosed with Type 1 in their 30's and 40's and
one lady diagnosed at age 60!

It tends to come on more slowly in adults, but still definitely Type 1.

That's why they no longer call it "juvenile" diabetes vs. "adult" diabetes,
but Type 1 and Type 2. Adults can get Type 1 and children can get Type 2,
and it takes a good physician to treat everyone appropriately!!!!!


Natalie ._c- diagnosed at age 44 with Type WEIRD!!!!
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