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Re: [IP] potassium intake ?

> Jan I noticed that you made a comment about monitoring your
> potassium intake? I am on ACE inhibitors too, almost a year now. I
> am taking 100 mg of Cozaar. I am not feeling 'right' lately, my
> heart beats funny, my legs and arms are all tingly, I just feel
> 'off'. I read that potassium levels need to be monitored. Yet I have
> never had a blood test for it. How were you feeling when your levels
> were up? I only have one good kidney and started spilling protein.
> Ughh.
When you lose too much kidney function, they will not remove 
potassium as efficently and it builds up in your system. This can 
cause a whole host of other problems if not dealt with. Usually a low 
potassium diet solves the problem. I don't recall exactly when it 
becomes an issue (Jan or a doc??...) but I think it is around 20 - 
25% residual function remaining.

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