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Re: [IP] frustrated, horrible, inconsistant numbers

> My 11 yr old son (pre-pubescent) has had a pump for 3 yrs.  Lately
> his numbers have been horrible, highs, lows, inconsistant.  I can't
> even get two days of basal testing to be the same.  I have taken to
> making him eat only food he has an exact carb value for, even
> measuring peanut butter for his toast.  It is frustrating me no end.
>  Any suggestions?  I feel like I am at square one.  And how often do
> most people change basal rates?  Feels like if I am finally getting
> decent numbers for a week or two, they go bad again, and I have to
> modify AGAIN.  Suggestions would be appreciated. 

Had problems like this with Lily 4-5 years ago. We eventually 
switched to regular insulin (Velosulin) for 4 weeks to re-stabilize 
her bg's -- that worked well, it was much too difficult to do using 
Humalog -- that is when we really found out that she was sensitive to 
H and began mixing H/V. I'm not suggesting that is the problem with 
your son, only that the fast acting insulin is more difficult to use 
when basals are out of whack. Once we got her basals stabilized, we 
switched back to fast acting insulin in a mix. There were of course 
timing changes but very little change to the R basals vs the fast 
insulin basals. Contact me privately if you want more info on this.

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