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Re: [IP] Advise requested

> We are on our third site for the pump.  First failed suddenly, I
> think from Gabe pulling the tape on and off.  This time, we taped it
> but with a hole in the tape around the site so that he doesn't tape
> over it.
> This time Gabe felt that he had tugged a little too much and kept
> telling me. 
>  I checked and there was indeed blood in the cannula.
> How often does this happen and any idea why?
> We changed the site without problem; took us about 20 minutes, but
> we are liking the pump an awful lot...b.g. very stable.
> Hope I can do the sites and trust them for a few days at a time.
> Please advise about blood in the cannula and your experiences.

Site problems seem to be much more common for newbie pumpers, 
probably because of technique and nervousness. Blood in the cannula 
happens once in a while and usually indicates you've nicked a 
capillary during insertion. Not a big deal, but can be annoying if it 
corrupts the site.
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