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Re: [IP] Re: High BG and vision

Blurry vision was the one symptom I had 5 years before
being dx'd. It would come and go and the bg must have
been up and down over that 5 year period.  I would
think "I need a new glasses prescription" but then it
would go away for awhile. Three weeks before dx, I
went to Lens Crafters in the mall and got a new
prescription and ordered new glasses.  I had a hour to
 wait, proceeded to go eat an ice cream cone, came
back and couldn't see out of my new glasses. I was
very upset and you would think the optometrist would
have been at the least suspect of what was going on,
but all he said was "Maybe I  can't fit you with
glasses" He never even suggested maybe I should see a
doctor. It still makes me angry.  I was very very
ignorant of diabetes since no one in my family had it.

I had appointments scheduled with an
ophthalmologist(for the blurry vision),
gynecologist(skin cracking around the vagina and
pain), and a dermatologist(hair falling out). Then a
friend's mother who was a nurse suggested it may be
diabetes. I bought urine  test papers(tested off the
chart)and admitted myself to the hospital. I was 36.
In some ways I was glad to know what was wrong with

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