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Re: [IP] Advice requested/loops

> I cannot get the site to stay in and Gabe is discouraged at the moment.  I
> need one good site for three days and he will be convinced, I hope.  I just
> love the pump, honestly.

What's the deal here? Where exactly are your problems? I've used both Sils
and Quicksets and have never had one 'fall out'. I'll ripped them out with
force, but thats about it.

I really just pull of the tape near the need, stick myself, and then pull
the tape off of the back and they stay. Maybe his skin is a bit too oily
to keep it stuck there? Have you tried alchol or some of the sticky stuff
out there to help them stick? You could try pressing on the tape with your
hand to 'warm it up' for a minute or so, it helps the adhesive stick

> I will ask about the loop; in fact, I will go in and visit the CDE without
> Gabe today and see what else I can do.  I really want that pump to work now;
> now I have the pump fever...it is a marvelous device in theory.

Personally, I find the loop to be useless on quickets and sils. It totally
takes away the freedom of quick and easy disconnects. I guess if you're
the type that likes to yank on the tubing, it's a good idea, but I'm not
into that :)

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