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Re: [IP] potassium intake ?

>>>Jan I noticed that you made a comment about monitoring your potassium
I am on ACE inhibitors too, almost a year now. I am taking 100 mg of Cozaar.
am not feeling 'right' lately, my heart beats funny, my legs and arms are
tingly, I just feel 'off'. I read that potassium levels need to be
Yet I have never had a blood test for it. How were you feeling when your
levels were up? I only have one good kidney and started spilling protein.



This is part of what a nephrologist does - knowing the importance of
checking the P. level. They want you in the normal range because of the
severity of it. Endos don't get into all this stuff. I have a major lab test
(about 3 tubes drawn) every 2-3 mos. depending on my next app't with
kidneyologist. Since I'm not peeing out the toxins sufficiently, they stay
in my body. I have been able to stay in the normal range by carefully
watching the intake of higher P. foods. I have a list of foods with their
amounts and I believe Michael has it somewhere on IP. I can send it to you
privately if you wish (email @ redacted ). My last test was a little higher
out of range and I blamed Wal-Mart and their free display of grape tomatoes.
I got hooked on them! I love Tropican Grovestand orange juice and limit
myself to the times I have to have something quick and it's handy (for my
hugsband). I have not *yet* been able to give up my beloved mashed potatoes.

But, like I said, so far, except for the last test, I have managed to stay
in the normal range. If it quickly rises, I gather, that no matter the
function you go on dialysis immediately. It can be serious.

If your endo will not order the test, get yourself a nephrologist ASAP. It's
your only life and you go around only once. Nip it in the bud. This could be
a reason many DMers have heart attacks. (~_^)

BTW, I believe Cozaar is an ARB not an ACE. I'm on 150 mg of that one,
besides 10 mg. Norvasc, and 16 mg. Cardura. My BP is still too high.

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