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Re: [IP] Advice requested/loops

> Okay; boy I am learning stuff every minute here.  Anyone else use the
> And how?
> Doesn't that kink the tubing?
> Marion


Did the CDE give you much training with this loaner pump or mostly give the
pump to you thinking when you get your own the training will come (lack of
sage advice, very few sets, suggesting saline, etc.)? Do you have the
Pumping Insulin book (3rd edition) by John Walsh and Ruth Roberts? It is
available through IP and it would do very well for that to be read. Over 18
years ago when I began pumping the safety loop was an absolute must since
the needle (metal) came straight out of the end of the tubing. We bent the
needle ourselves at the proper angle. Any tug and that baby would be right
out of there. It will not kink because you do not bend the tubing, you wind
a circle about the size of a quarter or a little larger - an inch or two
away from the insertion point - after insertion - this is taped down.

I'm sorry you are learning many of these things due to *errors* which sounds
(to me) like someone should have spent some time training you and Gabe
before throwing you to the wolves. These early experiences will remain with
Gabe and perhaps taint what could have been a wonderful trial. This also
starts to sets habits (right or wrong) which are hard to break later. (~_^)

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