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[IP] Endo visit

Tuesday, Cory had his check up with his ped endo.  He continues to do fairly 
well.  His A1c was 6.6 which is up from 6.3 in Nov. and 5.6 in June.  He's 
had a lot of lunch readings at or above 200.  It was reasuring when the endo 
made the basal adjustments.  I've been doing this on my own for sometime now 
and I just couldn't bring myself to keep raising them.  I was so afraid it 
would cause him to go too low while at school.  
When Cory first started pumping (Jan. 01) the endo and everyone else said he 
would gain weight. Well he hasn't!  He continues to grow taller - 1 inch this 
past 3 months, but his weight is only 1.6 lbs more than it was 3 years and 3 
months ago!  He is beginning to slim down and get tall.  He's 12 years old so 
we are hoping for at least 7 more inches in height. 
I'm so grateful for a great doctor and diabetes team plus grateful for an 
insulin pump!  
Susan S.
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