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Re: [IP] Re: Hyperkalemia and insulin

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>I am an RN also and work in ICU.  We use insulin quite
>a bit to treat hyperkalemia (high amount of potassium
>in the blood stream - can cause heart arrhythmias and
>is extremely dangerous).  We give the insulin together
>with an IV of glucose and water.  I think that what
>happens is that the sodium inside the cells changes
>places with the potassium in the blood stream, but I
>may be wrong about that.  If anyone is really that
>interested in this I can ask a doc in the ICU and let
>you know if you e-mail me privately.  Anyway it works
>if the blood potassium isn't too high - if it is then
>sometimes temporary dialysis is needed to remove it.
>Pat (pumped!!!)

Pat I do think you are right  I know it forces potassium into the cell but 
could not remember the mechanism that causes it.

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