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[IP] Losing Battle with the Beast

> Did (or when) did you start using an ace inhibitor?

I've had DM 51+ years and have a good memory (but it's short). ;) I'll try
to pick out what I recall: In the late '70s I was put on Dyazide for BP by
an internist or GP - not sure. I used that for I believe about 16 yrs then
endo said it was found to not be good for DMers kidneys and I was put on
Vasotec (an ACE). I took that for 8 yrs. In the meantime, as I grew up I was
led to believe I'd die of *something* and had previously picked the ripe
*old* age of 35 when I'd be dead. Any news just confirmed my beliefs. When I
heard 80% function it didn't throw me, just  another confirmation. I knew
this stuff would happen.

> When you refer
to 80% is that 80% of your kidney function cleaning the blood or 80% of the
creatatine (sp?) is being cleared by the kidneys and 20% of what should have
been cleared is now showing up in the 24 hour urine test? >

hmmmm - I just know it is 80% creatinine clearance. The number that comes up
beside that lab test (requires 24-hr. u) is the functioning percentage.
There is also a creatinine test, but that is diff. I'm told also that the
part that is not cleared is poisoning my system. I now sleep about 12 hours
a day - broken up.

> How long was it from 80% to 15-18%?

I'm going to *guess* the 80% was in the early '80s. So that's about 20

> Are you still on the low protein diet?

NO!! ;) That was one of the awfulest diets I had to endure. 51g a day isn't
much. They go by your body size. I had to count every protein gram in bread,
green beans, cereal, everything. I had to use Carnation Coffeemate on cereal
(major UGGHHH!!) and little meat. Endo Rx'd that diet and I did it for a
year and a half and still lost 15% function in that period. I requested a
neph and the first thing he said was, "Get off that low-protein diet. It
works on rats but humans aren't rats." We had T-bones for dinner that night

It has now taken another 8 years for me to lose 20% more, therefore, with
*ME* that proved the low-protein wasn't *helping*. I was advised to eat more
chicken and fish. That neph studied under the researcher who works with the

> My endo said once the kidneys is at 50% it shows up in the blood work and
10% (I think) is when dialysis is your only option.

Yeah - I do know a guy on a kidney/pancreas group I'm on (2 yrs) who went to
8% and he was almost in an emergency situation. The gov. considers you to be
in ESRD (End-Stage Renal Disease) between 20%-10% and can be listed for tx
(transplant) from a cadaver then. If you have a living donor, GREAT!!!
Medicare will pay for dialysis after 90 days, then it's retroactive. (Duh!)

> Thanks for the advice on the nephro I'll ask for the referral - It
definitely can't hurt to have one more specialist on my team. Many thanks
for your input.

Yeah - I have 12 -ologists as it is. Get yourself a kidneyologist ASAP. Wish
I had known death wasn't as iminent as my family indicated.

BTW, don't know where what I'm going to say now fits in the above, but
here's additonal info: That first neph (who threw me out for
non-compliance - I see his boss now) took me off the Vasotec and put me on
Captopril. He had told me to not pay attention to the *claims* C made as
they were the first to get the wording patented/copyrighted. I was puzzled
when he switched me. I could NOT tolerate the C. I guess that *sensitized*
me as I'm now on 3 diff. ARBs and cannot take ACEs anymore. I do have to
carefully watch my potassium intake as any excess does not get peed out.
That's what regulates the heart beat and too much can cause a heart attack.
Too little is bad, too. It is confirmed by a lab test. Only the good stuff
has potassium - corn on the cob, grape tomatoes, potatoes, o.j., bananas,
ETC!!! (~_^)

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