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[IP] Losing Battle with the Beast

My endo is concerned about my kidney (only got one that works). I was
wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing some of your experience /knowledge
with me. Did (or when) did you start using an ace inhibitor? When you refer
to 80% is that 80% of your kidney function cleaning the blood or 80% of the
creatatine (sp?) is being cleared by the kidneys and 20% of what should have
been cleared is now showing up in the 24 hour urine test? How long was it
from 80% to 15-18%? Are you still on the low protein diet? I guess I will
figure out how much protein I actually eat.  My endo keeps raising my dosage
of the ACE inhibitor I am on but my creatatine levels are still rising.
Nothing in the blood work though. I was sick last time I tested and the
levels jumped dramatically- not to far off from 50%. I was hoping it was
because of the cold but.... My endo said once the kidneys is at 50% it shows
up in the blood work and 10% (I think) is when dialysis is your only option.
Is this what you recall? Thanks for the advice on the nephro I'll ask for
the referral - It definitely can't hurt to have one more specialist on my
team. Many thanks for your input.

Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 13:57:15 -0500
From: "jhughey" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Losing the Battle with the Beast 

Carolyn Green wrote:
>>>I thought that after I had started on the pump over 2 years ago that I
would stay complication free. But I guess the beast has just been hiding. I
am scared and got no answers from the doctor (GP) except that they will have
to keep an eye on my levels. I go
to see my diabetic Dr. next week and hopefully he will be able to give me
some insight on the matter. >>>


I'm sorry you have received this news. In my ever-so-VERY humble opinion, I
recommend you request a nephrologist (kidney specialist) immediately. Get
established and let him/her care for this problem. They specialize in
kidneys and therefore are more in tuned with the details. They are your only
two kidneys and you want the best care.

When I was at 80% it was just information (at that time, I new I was doomed
to die anyway - so, so what?) At 50% my endo put me on a low-protein diet
(51 g a day!!! ewwwww). I continued to lose another 15% over the next
year-and-a-half. At 35% I requested a nephrologist and endo was rather hurt.
I gave him one of his own DM *too-late* stories and he complied. That was 8
years ago and I'm now at about 15-18% function and have a fistula in my
forearm and am ready for dialysis when needed.

I wish I knew enough at 80% to care that much for myself. YMSV (Your Mileage
Should Vary) I hope for the best for you. (~_^)

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