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Re: [IP] Paradigm


The catch with the 37% smaller is that it is in comparison to the other pumps - mainly D-Tron (Disetronic) and R1000 (Animas).
In comparison to the other MiniMed pumps the Paradigm isn't really 37% smaller - it is thinner - although not as thin as the Animas. 
Keep in mind, the reason why the Paradigm is smaller because the reservoir holds less insulin (176 units) vs. 300 units in the other ones. So they save a little bit of space in that area.


Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 11:04:55 EST 
From: email @ redacted 
Subject: [IP] Paradigm 

For anyone who has saw this new pump. How much smaller is it actually than the 507C or 508. I know that they say that it is 37% smaller than other pumps but when I was comparing specifications from the paradigm to the 508 it looked like it was the same size just thinner. 

I would really like to get this pump for my daughter if it is indeed 37% smaller than her 507C. 

Also does your warranty have to be up in order for insurance to cover a new pump? 


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