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Re: [IP] Re: Gabe's failed siteSylvia

> In a message dated 2/18/02 2:10:41 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
> > .  Sites not 
> > lasting.?  Try the mixture.  A lot of people do and find it really helps 
> > make 
> > 
> Sylvia----Do you mean the mixture of R and Humalog?? whay would this
> make the site last longer??

You had to ask :-)

There is substantial ancedotal evidence that this mix solves the
immediate problem however WHY is not clearly understood. Current
science indicates that the underlying problem is related to lispro
chemistry and the presence of lispro monomer in the tubing. What is
going on in the tubing set appears to be an interaction between
lispro, the tubing  and any human insulin in the formulation. It is
believed that the addition of Velosulin or regular  competes for 
lispro monomer and that the lispro-insulin heterodimer is more stable 
than the lispro-lispro dimer. 

email @ redacted
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