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Re: [IP] switching to novolog

> we got a prescription for novolog today, after asking our endo to
> try it to even out shifra's postprandial spikes and try to get more
> than 2 days out of a site.  he isnt convinced it will make a
> difference, but after trying several other options, we want to try.
> any advice? i'm checking her more often today (still on humalog) to
> try to get some more info to compare with.  should we expect an
> immediate change? should we be more careful about lows, given that
> her insulin needs may decrease?

About 20 - 30 people have posted detailed reports of switching from 
Humalog to Novolog over the last few months. Most report very little 
difference if any in the timing for basal changes and bolus 
requirements. Some have reported a slight decrease in insulin needs 
but this is the exception not the rule. There are a few that report a 
significant decrease  --- my daughter dropped about 30%, again, this 
is the exception. She had a few lows but she tweaked her basals and 
it was no big deal. Just be vigilant, don't be hyper :-)

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