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Re: [IP] Losing the Battle with the Beast

Thanks Jan,
 I will do just that, my kids are still very young,
(youngest is 6), I fought to have them and I will
fight to be around to see them grow up. I have started
a list of things to ask my Dr. when I see him to
discuss the results, a nephrologist referal is the
first priority. Thanks for the suggestion. Of all of
the complications, this one was the least that I would
have expected to get. 
Thanks for the encouragement, I sure need it right

> Carolyn, 
> I'm sorry you have received this news. In my
> ever-so-VERY humble opinion, I
> recommend you request a nephrologist (kidney
> specialist) immediately. Get
> established and let him/her care for this problem.
> They specialize in
> kidneys and therefore are more in tuned with the
> details. They are your only
> two kidneys and you want the best care.

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